Any salesperson works easily with Winning Proposal.

Via fixed steps you make your proposal complete with customer requirements, customer team, product range, implementation plan and everything that is important for your quotation. By clicking, you can extract the right texts and images from the content library. Do you want it more customer-specific? Then simply adjust the texts. The calculation is made in Winning Proposal or comes from your ERP or CRM system. The layout is always automatically correct. You can print the proposal, mail it as a web-based document, or you can easily create a customer website.

The tricks of Winning Proposal:

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Content library

Each step contains the right texts, images and videos. You click on your choice and it will be right in your Winning Proposal.

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Digital signing

Is your customer convinced? Then he can sign digitally immediately. You will receive a notification in your mail, so you can immediately take the right actions. That saves a lot of sales and administrative time.

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We set up a workflow according to your wishes. This way you arrange internal approval and collaboration in the same document. In the timeline you can see what has been done by whom, including comments.

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Entirely within GDPR standards you can see how your propsoals are viewed.

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Hot leads

For example, we automatically put the most interesting prospects at the top based on viewing the proposal, or the amount of the proposal.

Wp zowerkthet usp management

Management information

You have insight into the sales tunnel and know per sales rep and branch how many proposals have been issued and what the score is. With this data you can continuously optimize your sales process.

Wp zowerkthet usp veiligheid

Extra safety

With multi-factor authentication you build in an extra layer of security. The customer can then only open the proposal with a code sent via SMS. With single sign on you make Winning Proposal accessible in the office application. But you can also close it immediately for anyone who is no longer working.

Wp zowerkthet usp reminder

Reminder and alert

Does the customer ask for a slightly longer reflection period? Or do you want extra actions? With the reminder and alert function you can always see this.

Easily connect with your software.

Winning Proposal easily interfaces with all modern ERP and CRM software, such as with SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Afas, PerfectView, Okta, Paper, Sugar CRM.

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Technically perfect.

Winning Proposal has 99.999% uptime. Anytime and anywhere you can work from a PC, laptop or tablet in this SaaS solution. We continuously update the software so you can be sure you are working in an up-to-date version. The system automatically backs up systems and quotations. You will lose the information for no more than 5 seconds.

Safety first.

The ethical hackers of Deloitte take care of Winning Proposal every year. We successfully come out of this test with only minor points of improvement. All information is stored in an encrypted database. We ensure a secure connection via SSL. Hosting is done via True, which is in possession of all relevant certificates and quality marks: ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510.

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