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On which devices can I prepare a Winning Proposal?

Winning Proposal is a cloud solution. The tool is accessible on tablet, desktop and laptop.

How can I send the quotation to my prospect?

You can send a proposal digitally via a secure link. If you want to physically submit the quotation, it is easy to generate a print version from the system.

Where can I go with (technical) questions?

Aliens Marketing IT can be reached during office hours on +31 736133000. We usually answer questions immediately.

How is the database with all data secured?

Winning Proposal is secured with an SSL certificate and everything is stored in an encrypted database. Our servers meet all security requirements and are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

What benefits does Winning Proposal bring me as a seller?

In addition to more successful quotations, as a seller you mainly benefit from time savings. Thanks to all the pre-filled information, you can send a strong quote in a few clicks.

Can Winning Proposal be linked with my existing CRM?

Yes, that's possible. Please contact us to discuss how we achieve this.

What insights do I get from the statistics of sent quotes?

In the statistics you can see when and for how long your prospect has viewed certain pages. Valuable information for your follow-up.

How is the information in Winning Proposal secured?

We work with a secure connection via SSL, an encrypted database and our servers are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

Do I have access to management information?

Yes, via Winning Proposal you will receive information about, among other things, the number of quotations issued per period, location or seller and which quotations have been submitted.