Everything in house for more conversion.

Together with you, we will create the content to convince your customers. We focus on the customer's wishes and your unique approach to meet them. This creates a content library in which your best practices play the leading role. We update the content so that your Winning Proposal is always up to date. We continuously monitor and analyze your results to provide optimization advice.

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More customers within 8 weeks.

Winning Proposal is the solution that convinces the customer to choose for you. In 5 steps we will make your Winning Proposal right on time. Within 8 weeks you can get started and win new customers.

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We analyze your current proposals, review your website and other documents and have a 1 to 2 hour brainstorming session with the key decision makers and users in your company. This way we can get a good picture of your company and customers.

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We make a complete elaboration of the new proposal. Including design in your corporate identity, structure, texts and images. This way you can get a good idea of how you can convince the customer even better with the new proposal.

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New proposal

We make a statement of the costs (which you can also pay monthly) and a description of the functionality. We go through all your wishes, such as linking to CRM or ERP and setting up a workflow.

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Are costs and functionality agreed? Then we will start building your Winning Proposal. During the realization all texts will be developed, so that you can test your Winning Proposal including texts and confessions.

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Kick off

Is everything ready, tested and approved? Then we make it a great kick off, including an instruction to the users. You will notice that everyone works quickly and happily in Winning Proposal.

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Take action based on data.

Let your team score with better and better proposals. With analytics you have insight into how your quotations are viewed. And you can take targeted action to optimize your proposal.